Just Be Ordinary. Pt. 1

A quick look at your facebook newsfeed and it appears we live amongst some very extraordinary people. It seems like extraordinary is what the church needs. The reality is the church is in significant decline in the West, even in the US, and so the call for extraordinary men and women has been sent out. We have extraordinary conferences where extraordinary men and women come share how extraordinary their churches have become. They tell us what we need to do to become extraordinary church leaders to raise up extraordinary men and women in our churches to become the next extraordinary church to put on extraordinary services, programs, and events. Do you get the point yet? There is a lot of talk about "extraordinary". We may use different words like great, inspired, purpose driven, having momentum, powerful, on fire, or influential; but we have all learned that in order for God to use us we must become super human.

Call me a pessimist or a downer but I do not believe it is going to take extraordinary people to "save" the church. In my humble opinion God will use ordinary people to continue building his Kingdom. He is not looking for movie stars, rock stars, MTV-look-alike pastors, or sexy people to do the work for him. Do not get me wrong. It they want to join in on the fun, God will put them to work. But these people will never "save" the church in the West or  the East, or North or South.

The world is full of ordinary people and it will take a community of ordinary people to reach reach them. Extraordinary people are great and have their place, but they can not relate to the ordinary person in most cases. If you are tired of being pressured into the extraordinary, I encourage you to give up and just be ordinary.

This week we will focus on how the ordinary person can make a difference.