Just Be Ordinary. Pt. 2

My family has been on the road visiting friends and family for the last week or so. I love visiting but I always eat way too much. One thing I have noticed is that we all eat similar food. I know this may be a profound realization for many of us, but did you know that ordinary people eat ordinary food? And even more crazy than that is the reality that most people eat everyday! I know...I know...I will give you a second to gather yourself now that I have completely blown your mind. The art of eating with people is an ancient tradition that in our extraordinary world is losing its place. The extraordinary people tell us that a family around a dinner table is one of the most healthy things a family can do. I would suggest that eating together is one of the most healthy things people can do. The quickest way to let someone know you are interested in who they are as a person is to invite them to the dinner table. You do not need an extraordinary house or extraordinary food. A grill, hamburgers, hot dogs, and chips or spaghetti and meat balls will do the trick.

Trust me on this, the dinner table is one of the most powerful tools in the Kingdom. Remember it is not a pulpit though. Invite friends from work, friends from the neighborhood, people from the restaurant. Eat, drink, be merry and watch the Kingdom grow! Just be ordinary!

I dare you to invite one person to your dinner in the next two weeks.