Just Be Ordinary. Pt. 3

Something significant happens when you invite a person into your home to eat with you. You become friends. I know this sounds a little sarcastic but in reality many people are looking for friends, and not just so you can fix all their problems. Ordinary people are looking for ordinary friends to do life with. Friends they can trust and play and laugh and eat with. Ordinary people enjoy ordinary friends. You don't have to be extraordinary to be a friend. Ordinary people drink coffee, watch TV, go to the beach, to the park, to the mall, to the movies, play golf, putt-putt, football, basketball, read books, etc. Ordinary people do ordinary things. And you are great friendship material! The amazing thing about friendships is that regardless of who initiates the relationship, both benefit. It's important to just be ordinary. Do not talk yourself or your family up. When you start talking about how great you are or how not so great others are, people get turned off.

Jesus followers far too often stand from afar and tell others how to live their life. This only works .0000000000000001% of the time. Instead of telling others how to live their life, invite them into yours so they can see if there is anything worth imitating. Be honest, your not perfect. And if you were they would not want to be your friend for long. People are not looking for perfect people, just honest and enjoyable friends. If your life is worth emulating (and it will be if you are imitating Jesus), they will take notice of it.

Inviting people into your life will also help you clean up your life and lets be honest, you probably need a little clean up, right? Great friends are some of the most rewarding things in life.

Tips on doing life together:

  • Put a night or two in your weekly schedule to invite people over for dinner. Invite people from work, the neighborhood, or anywhere else.
  • Eat lunch alone as seldom as possible
  • Hang out on the front porch instead of the back porch
  • Do not watch TV or play video games alone. Invite your neighbor over.
  • Grocery shop with a friend
  • Exercise with a friend
  • Start or join an interest group

I would love to hear some other thoughts on how you do life together. Whatever you do, just be ordinary!