Let Your Life Preach

St. Francis of Assisi is well quoted for telling the church to "preach the Gospel at all times and if/when necessary use words." Jesus followers can not escape the reality that we are called to share the message, life, death, resurrection, and Second Coming of Jesus with the world (the world meaning our friends, neighbors, coworkers, random people, and family as well as the people on the other side of the world). For many this is a very scary and intimidating process. How many of you have attended a class on how to share your faith with others? More than likely you were taught the Romans Road, Gospel truths, and Apologetics right? In the end we still feel intimidated and go on praying to God we do not feel the nudge to speak with someone. What if sharing your faith is less about what you say and more about what you do? Most people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. How you choose to live your life speaks louder than any words you can shout from a microphone. How you treat others, how you make decisions, how you handle controversy, how you spend your money, and how you react to difficult situations are a few of the ways that express how you live your life. And whether or not your life is worth imitating.

My wife and I had an interesting experience at a restaurant a while back with a pastor and his wife. The whole time we were there the two of them criticized everything about the restaurant and service. The waitress took too long to serve us, the bread was not warm enough, the food was not cooked right, and the drinks were never full enough. When my wife and I got in the car to leave we looked at each other completely dumbfounded. This restaurant was only a few blocks from their church and they treated the people horribly. I can not  imagine anyone in the restaurant wanting to listen to what he had to preach.

Waiters and waitresses all over the US will tell you that the Sunday lunch crowd is the worst crowd to serve. And who makes up this crowd? Do not be fooled. People are constantly watching to see how you treat others. How treat others is a direct indication of what you think of them. Are they a child of God or are they mere servants meant to make your life easier?