Let Your Life Preach - Adoption

Are you looking for a new way to share your faith? This week we have been looking at ways to share our faith without using "preachy" words. How about rainbow faith bracelets? Check these bad boys out!

Rainbow faith bracelets are a fun way to share your Christian faith. They are also sometimes called witness bracelets (because they can be used as a witnessing tool when sharing your faith) and salvation bracelets (because they can be used to share Jesus' plan of salvation).

If you're not into beads, check out the new Share Your Faith Believer Bands. Or if that seems a little childish for you, check out Faith Scrabble Bracelets.

These bracelets are definitely fashionable but I am not sure these witnessing tools are exactly what Jesus had in mind when he said the Holy Spirit would empower us to be his witnesses. Acts 1:8 begs the question, why do we need empowerment to follow Jesus? Well...if I were honest I would tell you it is because the road is trying and difficult. The Gospel is costly but incredibly rewarding.

One of the more costly yet rewarding things in life is raising a child. My daughter is only three and I realize the financial cost has not even begun yet, but I have had to give up a few things here and there. However, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the expression on my children's faces as I walk in the door, hearing them tell me they love me and that I am their hero. I am sure challenges are ahead but these children are absolutely amazing and I would not give them up for anything.

Two of my wife and my goals are to follow and imitate Jesus in such a way that others might catch a glimpse of him and to have a large family. My wife does not want be pregnant the rest of her life though. So how do we plan to have a big family without her being pregnant? We want to start adopting children! I seriously can not tell you how excited we are to start this adventure some day and we hope it is sooner than later. Is there any act that is more telling of the gospel than adoption? Are we not adopted children of God?

I know adoption for some sounds crazy and costly but think about it, it is a small price to pay for the rewards children give us. It does not cost a mere fortune to go to Hawaii because it is a boring place to vacation. A house located on the beach is not ten times as expensive as the same house in Nebraska because the sunsets are so dull. The more rewarding or enjoyable something has the potential of being, the more it will cost.

Discipleship and the Gospel is about carrying forward what has been given to you. The gospel rewards have not been given to us to store away or spend on ourselves, they were meant to be given back. Here are just a few faith benefits of adopting a child:

  1. Tangibly do for a child what has been done for your.
  2. In a small way you will resonate with what Jesus did for you.
  3. Your adopted child will experience the love of their heavenly Father here on earth.
  4. As you fall in love with your child, you will experience in a small way how the Father loves you and his adopted son or daughter.
  5. You can share the gospel when others ask you why, just like the faith bracelet.
  6. You will inspire others.

Adopting a child is no small task I am sure, so please prayerfully consider and prepare yourself for such a task. But instead of looking to stupid bracelets as illustrations of what Jesus did for us, PLEASE consider being the illustration and let your life preach my friends.

Serving Jesus together!