Love when you don't want to. Final Thoughts

Thanks for enduring a hard and difficult story with me this week. Samantha's story is not an easy one. This process has been good for me. I started off the week very irritated but through seeking to understand her story but I have come to have just as much compassion for her as I had for the baby. I can honestly say that I have learned over the course of this week and I hope you have too. There are many different directions we could take this story but I simply want to close it with a few thoughts and questions:

  1. Why do we tend to have more compassion for unborn children than the mothers who carry them? For some reason I felt my level of responsibility in Samantha's story had lessoned now that the baby had been aborted. I was ready to go to the ends of the earth for this child, but why not Samantha?
  2. The present reality of hell is not alleviated with a persons personal forgiveness of sins. What would be the impact of a community of believers, if we focused on providing people love and hope in addition to helping them see their sins can be forgiven through Jesus? Forgive me if I am wrong, but I feel that at times the church is ready at any moment to administer the forgiveness of sins to someone through a simple prayer, but when the person needs something more complex we send them to the closest government agency. This seems to me to be close to the center of what Rob Bell was saying in his book Love Wins.
  3. Finally, in order for you to truly, seriously, 100%, without a doubt be able to love somebody you need to listen to them and understand their story. When we do this God will show us how to best bless them. Sometimes healing needs to take place before forgiveness can happen.

As we continue to pray and get to know Samantha I will update you on where the story goes. I pray you continue to pray for and bless the Samantha's in your life. Trust me their all around you. So here is me passing the baton onto to you. Tag your it! :)