Responding to OBL Pt. 2

I was in the midst of posting Pt. 2 of my thoughts on responding to OBL (Osama bin Laden) when I realized I needed to say something else first. Many people have questioned whether or not OBL should have been killed or brought in alive. I do not think we, as civilians, are able to make any judgments on the actual mission and procedure that took place in killing him. I'll assume there is a significant number of issues we simply do not and can not know or understand. I want to thank President Obama for limiting the number of casualties by implementing a more surgical tactic rather than bombing or "nuking" OBL's hideout. I also want to thank the Special Forces, especially the Navy Seals, for a successful mission with limited casualties. This could have gone a lot worse.

But how could things have gone in a perfect world? Humanity is in a continuous cycle of evil that sees evil being repaid with evil. The gospel message of Jesus implemented a new cycle that is renewing all creation. A part of God's plan is for his adopted children, his covenantal community, to begin modeling the soon coming Kingdom ways. The world understands repaying evil for evil, an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. What it needs is a new model.

We had a perfect chance to model what this Kingdom justice looks like. How amazing would it have been to see OBL brought back alive, treated with human dignity, tried fairly, and justice administered in a court of law? I am positive OBL was guilty, he himself made that clear. But what an example we could have set to the rest of the world. I do not think many are questioning whether or not OBL deserved to die, but what the world saw was an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

What could have happened in the hearts of people, al Qaeda and others, if they saw the US treat the man responsible for the most horrific act against its nation treated with human dignity and respect? How might God been able to awaken the hearts and minds of the wicked, if we expressed the reasons for offering OBL respect and human dignity was Jesus, the Cross, and his covenantal community?

Unfortunately we once again showed the world that vengeance, regardless of reasoning. So we'll wait and see how the cycle of evil will continue. Do you think their will be retaliation? How can we break this cycle?