Family Rhythms 2 - Pancake Saturday


It amazes me that my children, who do not yet understand the Sunday to Saturday calendar, wake up just about every Saturday knowing that it is pancake day. I am not sure how they know this but they almost always get it right. I start our journey through life rhythms with pancake day because this may be the smallest, most insignificant of our rhythms but it is also one Safari and Sojo remember almost every week. Pancake day happens once a week on Saturday. This means seven days go by until the next pancake day. In the life of a child that seems like eternity. So many things happen in the process of a week and most children forget what happened three days ago. So why do my kids remember pancake day? I believe this goes to show the importance of life rhythms.

We get right to work once Safari and Sojo wake up on Saturdays. When Robin is not working we let her sleep in to get a break from work and taking care of the kids. This is a time for them to help daddy do something nice for mommy. Sometimes we make blueberry pancakes, sometimes chocolate, and sometimes banana pancakes. When we make banana pancakes we play Jack Johnson in the background.

Everyone gets to play We seriously have a routine of how this goes. I get the pancake mix, Sojo gets the milk and eggs, I measure out the mix and milk, Safari cracks the egg, I give it a quick stir, Safari does the main mixing, and Sojo tosses in the blueberries. While I am making the pancakes they sneak licks with their fingers. Once the pancakes are finished we eagerly await the arrival of mommy. While we are waiting we drink coffee and talk about what we are going to do that day. And sometimes we bring mommy breakfast in bed. The kids have fun because they get to participate. We make a good mess that we clean up most of the time. If I'm honest though, this sometimes becomes mommy's job but not always.

Pancake Saturday is a simple fun way for me to hang out with the kids. It was honestly hard for me to let the kids help at first. Pancake Saturday use to be breakfast in bed for Robin Saturday. It use to be a time when I would let her know how much I appreciate her. When we had kids I wanted to do it for the whole family. I would alternate the menu and enjoy the time alone praising the Father for my family, but then these little critters started getting in the way. Breakfast in bed Saturday turned into battleground Saturday as I kept getting frustrated with Safari for getting in my way. Then one day while making pancakes I gave in and ler her help. I discovered pancakes were an easy thing for them to help me with, thus pancake Saturday was born.

Honor Mommy Saturday The most significant thing about pancake Saturday though, is that we still get to bless mommy! They get to make a mess and learn to cook, which makes them proud, and we get to bless mom. I want my kids to know the fun and joy of blessing mom. While we are hard at work we talk about how much we love mom and the funny or nice things she did for us that week. Maybe they remember pancake Saturday so often because it really is honor mommy Saturday and we all love our mommy.

Breakfast Sunday through Friday is normal but pancake Saturday is a special rhythm in our lives. Saturday morning is a time to let mom know how much we appreciate all she does, a time for the kids to make a mess with dad, and a time for dad to bless his family. It is the perfect way to start the weekend.