Family Rhythms 3 - Breakfast and Dinner


I was at a workshop this Saturday and was unable to make Pancake Saturday happen. Guess what Sojo asked for when he woke up on Sunday? Yep. Pancakes! It became Pancake Sunday this weekend. This is once again one of the coolest things about having family rhythms. My son is just a little over two years old, 27 months, and he knows that Saturdays are Pancake day. Since I was not home on Saturday he wanted them on Sunday. He did not ask for them Monday through Friday, but as soon as the weekend came he was ready to make pancakes! My goal with this series is to give a glimpse into our world and how we make it go around. There is nothing brilliant or unusual about our life rhythms and that is what I think makes them so special. We sometimes have the tendency of overlooking simple practices that make life easier. I share these practices and rhythms as examples that you may be able to incorporate or they may spark other possible ideas that work better for you.

We are not the family that has breakfast at the table every morning. We generally eat a bit on the run but each morning we stop and ask our kids two questions. First, what are you excited about today (opportunity)? Second, what do you want to happen today (hope)? Our goal here is two-fold. We want to acknowledge the Father's presence in our day and we want to build an expectation for the day. A person who faces the day with excitement and expectation sees the world through a different lens than a person who views their day in fear or apathy. We pray and thank the Father and Son for our opportunities and ask them to fill our hopes through the presence of the Spirit.

The Father has sent us out as bearers of life. Life consists of love, joy and peace among other things. Love and joy are hidden in apathy and fear diminishes the presence of peace. Excitement and expectation are contagious if authentic.

Our morning prayers gives us a chance to review and prepare for the days events.

Before dinner we share what we are thankful for that day. We do this by asking "what made you happy today?" (blessings). We also ask "Did anything make you sad today? (need for peace). This helps us to hear about their day through their own eyes. Sometimes their answers are amazing and sometimes they are seriously crazy, but it is still fun all the same. Afterwards we give thanks to the Father for the blessings and ask Jesus to give us peace in the difficulties.

In raising Kingdom focused men and women, we want our children to know that all blessings and opportunities flow from their Father in Heaven and that Jesus, their Messiah and King, focus and source of peace in difficult times.

Our dinner prayer helps us reflect and debrief on the days events.